Content Universe for Knowledge-Driven Companies

Become a thought leader of your field

Do your customers know that you are actually the best at what you do? Do they know that you are an expert?

For knowledge-driven B2B companies, there is good money in sharing knowledge. Doing so shows that you actually know what you are talking about.

However, poignant knowledge sharing requires time; time to produce as well as the skills to create, the right kind of content for your professional corporate blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and maybe your podcast.

And if you do not work systematically and wisely with your content, you risk that the professional quality suffers.

That’s why we specialize in creating quality content for knowledge-driven companies.

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What is a content universe?

Your content universe is, to put it simply, all your content across all your platforms – online and offline.

And, if you want, we can build the entire universe for you.


The podcast is perhaps the only platform where you get up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted time with your customers. Here, you have the chance to speak directly to them. It’s pure business-creating geekiness!

Corporate blog

Your professional corporate blog is the cornerstone of your content universe. This is where your knowledge is immortalized – and can be searched on Google until you delete the articles yourself.

Social Media

LinkedIn (which is the slowest medium) requires new content at least once a day. Can your company keep up with it? We can. We push all your social media content creation into a higher gear – without compromising the quality.

Email marketing

Email is not dead. On the contrary, email is the currency in online marketing, and that’s why content for your email marketing is also incorporated into the content universe.


YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. And people, your customers included, love to be inspired by your words That’s why you need to be on YouTube too.

Learn How to Build a Content Universe

High-quality content on multible platforms is imperative for your brand in the digital environment.

Consequently, random posts won’t work.

This webinar will cover how to position your company as an industry authority, build client trust, and achieve your content goals.

Our step-by-step strategy doesn’t need a lot of marketers. This is possible with a tiny marketing team and little resources.

This is How We Build Your Content Universe

and keep it alive

At Montanus, we love to dive into complex knowledge and find a good story. But we have also learned that different people use different media to gather knowledge.

That is why we have developed a special system that allows you to be present with your knowledge and professionalism on all your platforms, without you having to spend extensive valuable time on it yourself.

  • Core Content

    We produce a content-filled piece of core content where we really go in-depth with your knowledge. This will often be a podcast episode, but it can also be a webinar or a lecture you give.

  • Articles

    Based on the core content, we write articles and blog posts for your website, which you can also send to relevant trade magazines. We reuse the podcast episode as a basis while doing research for the articles.

  • SoMe posts

    We create the social media posts you need using quotes, soundbites, and article excerpts. Every post is made to fit LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms you use.

  • Video

    The podcast recording easily becomes a video podcast if we set up a couple of cameras while we record. With the recordings, we ensure you get an active YouTube posting schedule (with up to seven videos a week).

  • E-mail marketing

    Now that we’ve already started, why not convert everything into emails that fit seamlessly into your email marketing flow? Well, we don’t see any good reason to refrain, so we’ll handle that as well. We’ll make sure you never run out of emails for your subscribers.

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