“Montanus exists because we love learning from experts. That’s why it’s also experts we work with when we help companies write articles for their websites and for LinkedIn.

Our focus is on thorough research, harsh source criticism, and in-depth interviews of your professionals. That’s what we think is fun, and that’s what we’re good at.

We only write for knowledge driven companies;
companies that want to impart complex knowledge in a language that people understand.”

– Mikkel Svold

New knowledge + communication = yes please!

Yes, it’s about well-written communication and learning new things, as well as expanding your horizons and getting input directly from the sharpest minds. Our passion for acquiring new knowledge and passing it along to others

is why Montanus is not a normal text agency.

We do not write SEO texts for shoe stores and random web shops. We exclusively write articles, customer stories and professional posts for companies with expertise that really have something on their minds that is professional, intelligent and instructive.

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