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Do You Have One Hour a Month?

Then we can fill your website and social media with quality content every single week. We prepare and produce everything based on an hour-long interview with one of the sharpest minds in your company.

Montanus - Your content department

We Handle All Your Content Production

It takes time, thought, and hard work to publish professional content continuously. That’s why we specialize in creating quality content across different platforms.

This is how we do it in practice

How We Create Your Content Universe

First, we produce a content-filled piece of core content where we really go in depth with your knowledge. This will often be a podcast episode, but it can also be a webinar or a lecture you give.

The podcast is good because it may be the only platform where your experts can get up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted time with your customers. It’s a source of pure business-creating geekiness!

Your corporate blog is the cornerstone of your content universe. Here, all your knowledge is immortalized and can be searched on Google (until you delete the articles yourself).

Through your core content, we create more professional blog posts that you can post on your corporate blog. The new and updated material will attract more traffic to your website.

LinkedIn requires content at least once a day and Facebook requires posts 2-4 times a day, as does Instagram. Can your company keep up with the fast pace of such content creation?

With the content universe, we help you so that you do not have to make online posts from scratch every single day. We produce everything for you, while ensuring your professional quality and integrity throughout.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Therefore, your webinar or podcast recording should be on YouTube. It is our experience that people — your customers —love to be inspired by your words via video if your words are smart enough.

That is why we record your words when you give a lecture, webinar, or when you record a podcast with us. Your words need to be immortalized, recorded, and posted online.

Email marketing is the last part of your content universe. We transform all the content from the other steps into emails that fit directly into your email flow.

We are not talking about the usual spam emails With our approach, your recipients gain new and relevant knowledge, so they become even more interested in your company andbuild confidence in your professional competencies.

The Easy Road to Thought Leadership


At Montanus, we love to dive into complex knowledge and find a good story. But we have also learned that different people use different media to gather knowledge.

That is why we have developed a special system that allows you to be present with your knowledge and professionalism on all your platforms, without you having to spend extensive valuable time on it yourself.

We Love Big Ideas

We make a living by conveying our customers' big ideas. But sometimes we want to geek out ourselves. With our content universe, Big Ideas, we cover topics we find interesting ourselves. Maybe you will also find it interesting?