In March 2021, Montanus and Perito Consulting began a pilot project with the aim of positioning Perito Consulting as thought leaders within supply chain management and creating an inbound marketing strategy.
To ensure Perito Consulting high value and quality content, the pilot project was designed according to our content universe concept.
By Nana Strand
Perito Podcast

The Content Universe Demonstrates Perito Consulting’s Expert Knowledge

The idea behind the content universe comes from the huge potential for engineering and technology companies when they share their knowledge and position themselves as expert companies.

This is where the content universe comes into play. The content universe is a metaphor for how we create content from other content. We start with a piece of core content, which can be an interview, a podcast, or a webinar. For this purpose, together with Perito Consulting, we have developed the concept “S&OP MasterClass™”

Based on the information we get from the core content, we produce the entire content universe of companies – i.e., all the content they need: professional blog posts, white papers, emails for mail flows, LinkedIn posts, videos — you name it.

With this approach, we began a collaboration with Perito Consulting, for whom we have since produced blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and emails. All content is created based on their monthly webinar as the only source for additional content production.

It is an exciting collaboration that is still unfolding to its full potential. Read along and see what Chief Commercial Officer Søren Hammer Pedersen thinks about the collaboration.

A New Approach to Marketing and Content Production

Søren Hammer Pedersen took over as CCO in 2021 with a vision to change the marketing for Perito Consulting:

“It is a transformation where we want to go from very heavy and professional communication to what I would call disciplined inbound marketing. Communication, where we have to reach out to people instead of just reacting. And then we want to move away from the very, very professional, and ingrained content and instead show the face of the company. This is where the focus is now.”

One of the places that Søren believes needs to be put in place is in relation to brand knowledge:

“We have been missing the part where people have had a greater knowledge of the brand, and at the same time also that the company reached out more and showed who we were and that we could do more than just solve projects.”

The discipline of creating greater brand awareness as an expert company and at the same time creating content with quality and professionalism can be difficult. In connection with this, the collaboration with Montanus has been able to contribute texts and material that contain the stories and knowledge that Perito Consulting wanted to pass on. Content that has been hard to even find the time to produce:

“The collaboration has contributed with content and texts with the messages we wanted to convey. Montanus has translated our knowledge into something that we have been able to use in connection with our S&OP MasterClasses™, in relation to writing professional blogs and other types of content material.”

Who is Perito Consulting?

Customer since: January 2021


Perito’s podcast:

Perito Consulting is a company that works to optimize and improve the supply chains of large Nordic companies. Their business solution, Perito IBP 360, combines software with consultants and analysts, making their approach to Supply Chain Management quite special.



Highly technical material is translated into the customer’s language

One of Perito Consulting’s main challenges is to communicate about their complicated supply chain planning systems in a language their clients understand. At the same time, the target group that Perito Consulting is trying to reach is very narrow, with few customers and long purchasing journeys.

“The key challenge of translating something that can become so technical into something that other people understand; that is the main challenge for us in terms of communication, and that is why we chose to start a collaboration,” Søren explains and elaborates:

“The whole approach of having a difficult technical product that must be sold to a few – and translating it into a language that normal people can understand – is something that Montanus emphasizes and communicates about. It is spot on in relation to our company.”

Help In a Busy Everyday Life

In a busy everyday life, it is difficult to produce enough content, especially if the quality is to be maintained. This is also a problem Søren experiences, and, as he describes, they could in principle write the things themselves – the quality just wouldn’t be as good, and the time isn’t there for it:

“We very much need it so that we don’t have to spend a really, really long time writing it. In principle, we could write it ourselves, but it wouldn’t be quite as good. And then we would spend far too much time on it, and we simply don’t have that time in a busy everyday life.”

The way the collaboration around content production works is that Montanus is responsible for producing all the content Perito Consulting wants, based on a series of webinars. The content always undergoes a series of internal revision rounds before we send it off to Perito Consulting. In this way, we ensure that the first draft is always of high quality, something Perito Consulting has also noticed:

“Montanus delivers that really, really good first draft from the webinars, where you empty our heads for ideas. This means that we only have to spend time correcting the content a little bit, and then we can just run with it. It is brilliant to have Montanus as a supplier because it helps us tremendously with resources. ”

A Sparring Partner

In addition to the textual professionalism, Søren also points out Montanus’ ability to come up with ideas that are outside of what Perito Consulting would have come up with themselves. For Montanus, sparring is a natural part of the collaboration, which founder and director Mikkel Svold stands for:

“Mikkel has a good ability to push back a little and come up with ideas that lie on the edge of what we would normally want. Sometimes it’s not enough, but on the other hand, it’s important for the content to be good – otherwise, it would just be the way we intended it, and that’s not necessarily the best. After all, we are not the experts when it comes to content.”

The collaboration has been done on the basis of a package solution that has been agreed upon in advance, but if a good idea arises, it is not something that needs to be talked about a whole lot, which Søren appreciates:

“I like that we have agreed on some package, but at the same time, if we get a good idea, it’s not something we have to sit and talk about a lot either. Then Mikkel joins me and makes an extra 2-minute video, or whatever it might be. There is a good understanding that we need this to work in a good way.”

The pilot project has made both us and Perito Consulting smarter about how we can become even sharper in hitting the right customers in the best possible way.

Since the pilot project, Montanus has created and produced Perito’s own ongoing podcast series “S&OP Masterclass”.

We look forward to following, and continuing the collaboration with, Perito Consulting to see what other exciting results the future brings.

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